I’m so proud of you❤️❤️ on We Heart It.
Just a thought….


Does it ever scare people just to think that we are just specs in time? I mean like, how recognisable will our names be 100, 200 years from now?


Just had a scary thought. Like, is everybody who I get close to just going to end up hating me and thinking im a selfish ungrateful fucked up prick who deserves to feel like shit? Or just the one? o.o

I wonder what that feels like…

I still ask myself on a daily basis when I see your pictures and I see your snapchats of your smile and doing your daily things what would it be like if we still were talking and what it would be like if we were together. I guess I’ll never know and I’ll never fully understand why you keep ignoring me completely and seem to act like nothing happened…

oh well.